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Insights and Innovations in Tree Care and Forestry Management from Central Oregon's Leading Arborists

Choosing the Right Time for Tree Removal in Bend, Oregon: Seasonal Insights

Tree removal in Bend, Oregon, is a crucial task that requires precise timing to ensure safety, efficiency, and optimal outcomes. With distinct seasons influencing the growth and health of local trees, here’s a seasonal guide to help you decide the best time for tree removal: Spring As spring approaches, trees start budding and growing rapidly….

Should I Prune My Native Plants? Insights on Bitterbrush and Sagebrush in Central Oregon

Introduction Gardening and landscaping in Central Oregon come with unique challenges and rewards, especially when it involves native plants like bitterbrush and sagebrush. These plants are well-adapted to the arid climate and soil conditions of the region, playing crucial roles in the local ecosystem. A common question among gardeners and homeowners is whether or not…

Firewise USA

Becoming a Firewise Community in Central Oregon

Central Oregon’s diverse landscape, marked by its lush forests and rugged terrain, brings with it the heightened risk of wildfires. As we continue to witness the profound impacts of these natural disasters, both ecologically and economically, the importance of proactive measures has never been more pronounced. In 2024, Central Oregon is taking significant steps toward…

Effective Juniper Removal in Central Oregon: A Key Consideration for Landowners

Central Oregon is renowned for its majestic landscapes and vibrant ecosystems. However, one significant challenge that local landowners face is the proliferation of Western juniper trees. While native to the region, in recent years, juniper has expanded aggressively beyond its traditional bounds, often to the detriment of local water resources and biodiversity. As a CEO…